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Auður is an online financial service, owned by Kvika bank, that offers savings accounts and should appeal to everyone who wants to gather interest in a fast and easy manner. Auður is only available online and thus manages to keep costs down and can transfer the benefits to their clients in the form of the best interest rates on the market.


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Before Gangverk, Auður had to go through complex channels in order to make any changes in the code of their online banking service which made optimisation, maintenance and improvement efforts a slow and frustrating process. Not owning or controlling the code of the backend was causing issues. On top of that, Auður was only accessible through web services and the need for an app was becoming urgent.

“We knew we needed to change our whole setup in order to be able to improve our services faster by accessing information from the core system and implementing updates at a more rapid pace. We were also well aware that our customers wanted an app for interacting with the bank,” said Hlöðver, Kvika CTO, who was recommended to check out Gangverk and took a meeting.

“We realised right away that Gangverk would be the right partner for us moving forward”

Hlöðver Thor Árnason, CTO of Auður


Gangverk’s philosophy of always approaching projects in close partnership, rather than the more conventional client-vendor structure, allowed for a swift planning period which resulted in a unified strategy. The conclusion was to start building out a native app immediately to secure ongoing growth on the business side while simultaneously starting work on a backend which would eventually take over as the governing system.

The Gangverk design team quickly put their focus on delivering solutions that would be in line with the existing brand ethos while improving the user experience considerably. Assured by rigorous testing every step of the way, the team was able to deliver beautiful and impressive designs in a very short time frame.

Having decided in unison strategic fundamentals such as tech stack, operation requirements, and rollout plan along with completing the design phase, the work of actually building products and services started. The development team at Gangverk got off to a flying start and managed to maintain an unbroken pace of delivery which produced an app that’s gotten the best ratings possible from users and a completely revamped administration system that allowed the Auður team to access more information themselves without help from developers and opened up a brand new way of working for them. Deliveries are still happening at a wondrous pace.


Since starting the collaboration with Gangverk, Auður has been seeing multiple positive effects with no ending in sight. “The standout change has been the ability to quickly and easily improve the services to our customers who have responded very well; new users have grown about 46%, deposits have grown a whopping 47% and the app has maintained a 5 star rating in the App store. To say we’re happy doesn’t fully describe it and we’ve just started" Hilmar Freyr Kristinsson, Auður Product Owner.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Auður, the future is very exciting as the team is motivated to become a leading competitor in the financial space and we’ll be right there supporting them every step of the way.”

Berglind Una Svavarsdóttir, Delivery lead at Gangverk


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Design & development


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